Welcome to the "Web Deck" online interface for the Project TI-Trek calculator MMO. If you already have an existing game account, this interface will allow you to log in using your established username and password to edit parts of your in-game experience, from the graphics to your display name, as well as user information (email address, for receiving information about project updates or server updates).

If you do not already have an account, just use the same login form above. Input your chosen username and password. As long as the username doesn't already exist, the account should just be created automatically and you'll be taken to the "User Info" page where you can input your email address, configure email notification settings, and download the login token for your calculator.

Please note that our data capture is COPPA-complaint -- with the exception of email address, we collect no personally-identifiable information about our users. As you can tell by looking at the web url, the "Web Deck" connection is secure (HTTPS). The game itself (from the calculator) has a secure login. At no point in time does the game share any personally-identifiable information publicly. Furthermore the game developers are a team of computer scientists, one of whom is a certified cybersecurity analyst, and we all take data security and privacy VERY seriously.
For more details about data integrity and COPPA compliance, head over to our Legal notices page. Link is in the footer of this page.

Note: We run ads on the Overview page to help cover the administrative costs of this project: domain name, server maintainence costs, etc.