Legal Notices


This document includes all legalities pertinent to Project TI-Trek, formerly known as TI-Trek Multiplayer and Star Trek Multiplayer, the multiplayer space-combat simulator for your Texas Instruments graphing calculator. This project is the property of Anthony Cagliano, lead programmer, and is associated with the programming forum group ClrHome (or ClrHome Productions). This project was conceptualized and implemented by the aforementioned owner on the date of December 2, 2014 , as is the earliest documented reference to it on a forum.


This project is heavily based on concepts and topics presented in a number of space-based science fiction media, namely Star Trek, Star Wars, Orville, and more. It consists of many tropes that can be found within said media: FTL drives, combat and exploratory systems, power distribution, transport, and more. While this project did initially start out as a Star Trek game, effort has been made to make it an independent game, based on but not deriving from, other science fiction works. It uses original assets, gameplay mechanics, universe, and format.

The assets contained within this project are the property of their respective designer as indicated within the documentation for this project: belonging to individuals herein pen-named as EaghanScarlette, Amper5and, TurquoiseDrag0n, and Pieman. These assets were designed for the purposes of inclusion in this project and may not be distributed in any way without the express permission of their designer. Contact TI-Trek's Development Team for designer information if needed.

The programming contained within this project is the property of its respective developer and is available under the terms of GNU General Public License v3, with the following stipulation: You are not allowed to use a modified version of this software to connect to our servers without the express permission of the project's developers. Use of a modified project component can result in termination of your ability to use the server services of this project. (Seriously... it's not fair on others to modify your game and try to play with them)

The server-side software for this project, designed predominantly by individuals herein pen-named beck, with the exception of the save files and compressed graphics, is also released under the terms of General Public License v3. You are allowed to, when the feature is implemented, host your own TI-Trek game server if you choose, and you may modify that copy of the server software. You are, however, forbidden from distributing any modifications to the server software without the express consent of the project's development team.

The libraries used within this project, namely graphx, fileioc, libload, and the TI USB Serial Device drivers are dependencies of this project, developed and owned by other individuals who may or may not be affilated with this project, and are subject to the licenses contained within those packages.

End User License Agreement

A copy of this legal notice will be provided in every official (stable) release.

This copy of TI-Trek and all associated files and documentation is licensed, not sold. This End User License Agreement gives you, the licensee, the right to download, use, and configure your copy of the software to your liking. However, certain stipluations are applied, as discussed in subsequent paragraphs. By using this software, you agree to abide by these legal notices, as well as our server's Terms of Service. You also agree to release and save harmless any entities associated with the development of this project from liability that may arise from use, especially misuse, of our software.

Usage: This project is distributed for the purpose of allowing you to play TI-Trek on your graphing calculator, with other calculator users, via our servers. We expect that you use our services in a fair and legal manner and understand that we reserve the right to suspend your ability to use our service for violation of our Terms of Service. For more information, please review our Terms of Service, which can be found on the "Web Deck".

Stability: We at Project TI-Trek make every effort to ensure that our software is free from issue or defect; however at times some issues may make it into a production release. If any major issue should arise from normal use of our software, please cease use of the software immediately and submit a Bug Report via the "Web Deck". We will investigate the issue, first for its affect upon gameplay and/or your calculator and update the community as to the severity of the bug. We will also do our best to resolve the bug within a timely fashion and push a bugfix out as soon as possible. Please also be aware that we are under no obligation to provide debugging assistance for unauthorized modifications of our software.

Modification: You, the end user, reserve the right to configure your user experience both through the provided graphics customization options on the "Web Deck" or by modifying your copy of the software. However, please be aware that we are under no obligation to provide debugging assistance for modified copies of our software. Also please be aware that you are not permitted to distribute modified versions of our software.

Distribution: You, the end user, reserve the right to copy or transmit any part of this project's downloadable materials so long as said item is not modified from its source state in any way, and that a copy of this End User License Agreement is also included with said distribution.

Beta/Alpha Experimental Software: This section of the License agreement applies specifically to certain software releases classified as experimental. This includes beta, alpha, and pre-alpha releases. It is expressly forbidden to modify or distribute experimental releases of this program. You also understand that if you choose to use software classified as experimental, you do so at your own risk. Experimental software, by nature, does not come with the guarantee of stability that official releases do, and use of this software carries a good to fair risk of negative side effects, including but not limited to common occurences of (1) Data corruption, (2) Data loss, (3) NMI Resets (also referred to as a RAM clear or crash) and rare but more serious occurences of (1) archive corruption, (2) operating system corruption, or (3) the rendering of your calculator permanently unusable (an event termed "Bricking").

Monetization and Profit

TI-Trek is a non-profit endeavor; it is a donation-ware and/or ad-funded project. There is a "Donate" button located in the header of every papge of the project website, and there are ads on several non-landing pages in the website (non-landing meaning not the main project page's home page). Any and all revenue will be tasked towards funding the continuing development of the project, including but not limited to funding: (1) server maintainence and costs related to server hosting, such as Cloud storage, domain registrar costs, replacing failing equipment, dynamic dns hosts, and costs relating to the server's physical location, (2) contest prizes and rewards related to Project TI-Trek, such as the recent contest involving a replacement image for the Tactical tab, (3) compensation of developers associated with the project for their time, (4) any unlikely but possible legal costs.

At no point in time will the use of any aspect of this project--client, server, or assets--be monetized. This game will remain free to download, free to play, and will have no purchasable materials, equipment, or perks. I absolutely refuse to turn this game into a pay-to-win mess that literally every other game has allowed itself to become, where unless you spend hundreds of dollars in their currency every month, you haven't got a chance in heck in winning. Not today, not in this or any version of this game I release.

Privacy Policy

By registering with our service you also agree to be bound by, and to respect, our privacy polcies regarding data handling and data protection.

While you are connected to our server, information about a pseudo-ship construct maintained by your calculator will be consistently synced with our servers for the purposes of facilitating the game. Some of this data may also be shared with other users of the game, likewise for the purposes of facilitating the game. By logging in to our service, you implicitly consent to this use of your data.

We collect information from visitors to, and its associated game configuration interface, the "Web Deck", through data capture forms and contact forms. We collect minimal information when you first register: a username, a password specific to this service, and an email address, all used to secure your account and identify you for future logins. When you log in with a Texas Instruments TI-84+ CE graphing calculator for the first time, an identifier for that device is generated and stored on our system for the purposes of identifying that device in the future. We also process the personal information you give us for the following purposes:

Project TI-Trek follows a standard logging procedure. Both the webserver and the game server output data consistently to system and process-specific logs including but not limited to: connection attempts, packets sent and received, protocol errors, and more. None of this information is personally identifiable, but may identify the user agent with which a connection was established or a packet was exchanged.

The game server part of this project also keeps in long-term storage JSON files for every user containing the following information: username, email, notification status, encrypted password, ship and custom assets (if applicable), ship stats and configuration info, and player stats. This information is tracked by the game server for various purposes including but not limited to: awarding player achievements, customizing AI difficulty, and more.

It is expressly forbidden to acquire or distribute the information attained by our servers, in part or whole, unless it is information that is publicly distributed, or belonging to you. The administrators of Project TI-Trek take the privacy of our users very seriously, and retain the right to take whatever action we deem necessary to ensure its integrity, including but not limited to terminating access to our services.

Lastly, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), Project TI-Trek does not knowingly collect any Personally Identifiable Information from anyone under the age of 13. If you believe that your child did provide this kind of information, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately and we will do our best to promptly remove such information from our records.